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» » » » Sanur Beach - Bali Island

Uong Jowo 7:55 AM 0

Sanur Beach do not fail to be compared with Kuta Beach, representing especial target beach of overseas tourist and also local tourist. Sanur Beach also many enthusing visitor because calm beach atmosphere and also its big wave, so that nicely to using for surfing. Sanur Beach located in eastside and South Sanur Village, representing edge Great hindia side South Bali Island. Sanur Village reside in Badung Sub-Province, eastside from Denpasar City, Capital of Bali province.

Sanur Beach is location for surfing, Sanur beach wave have famous in many foreign countries surfers. Do not Far from Sanur beach, there are also dive and Snorkling area. because this place always multitude, this dive location can be used by all diver from all level. Atmosphre at Sanur alongside is calm because full of big tree. Sanur beach good to enjoying sunrise and sunning at alongside white sandy. At full moon night, many people come to relax in here, at the same time see the beauty of beach at night.

Around Sanur Beach, there are various hotel have international level, for example; Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Sanur Beach Hotel, Sindu Beach Hotel and many more in alongside as east to south-east Sanur Beach. Souvenir shop and art shop also many over there. Restourant for tourist quite a lot available which ever at disposal tourist importance.

Sanur Beach:

Sanur Beach:

Sanur Beach:

Sanur Beach:

Sanur Beach:

Sanur Beach:

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