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» » Balinesse Simple Funeral Ceremony (Pitra Yadnya)

Uong Jowo 7:35 AM 1

Picture 1
The Young Balinesse Participating in Funeral Ceremony
Balinesse simple funeral ceremony, or we called it PITRA Yadnya. It is a way of Balinesse to respect their family who passed away.
I Just want to show you, the SIMPLE BALINESSE FUNERAL CEREMONY, on these picture. Sometimes people who doesn't understand what is the main point of PITRA YADNYA, think that doing this ceremony is wasting money.
Those opinion is not wrong, because normaly it spends about Rp.25.000.000 up to Rp. 45.000.000,-. It is of course too expensive for Balinesse People who life in village that their occupation only a farmer who earns not more than Rp. 1.000.000,- in a month.
Picture 2
The Family is praying

But, Balinesse culture is really flexible. If the money is not enough for normal/midle of Pitra Yadnya ceremony, it can put ceremony into "Nista" or lower class of ceremony which is more simple and less in spending money.
Picture 3
Preparation for Ngreka
Picture 4
Preparation Before Bringing the cofin to the SETRA (Grave)
Picture 5
The Family Burying Bodies
Picture 6
The Family Look So Sad
Picture 7
A Part of Ceremony
Picture 8
Hole for burying bodies
Picture 9
The bodies already in graveyard
Picture 10
Symbol of bodies is burned
Picture 11
Preparation to bring bodies to graveyard (SETRA)
Picture 12
The family is Playing Cards, small gambling only for fun!
Picture 13
Singing for Spirit
Picture 14
Playing "Angklung"
Picture 15
The Bodies ready to be bring into graveyard

May be it is wise to consider about economic view in running Yadnya (Sacrifice). Balinese people should realize, that the yadnya is done it should bring happiness, not the debt that suffering came.

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1 komentar Balinesse Simple Funeral Ceremony (Pitra Yadnya)

  1. Ini adalah salah-satu tradisi dari upacara pemakaman di Bali.